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From a very young age Patrick Henderson was always interested in art. He took every art class in school including after school art programs. During his teenage years he began painting in the automotive industry and doing graffiti. At the age of 16 his father came home with a tattoo and he instantly had a new obsession.  Three years later he found himself stepping foot into the tattoo industry and never looked back.  2004 was the beginning and he tattooed in Southern Indiana were he grew up before moving to New Jersey.  After 4 years of tattooing in New Jersey he decided it was time to open his own studio, the birth of Sacred Souls Ink happened in 2012.

Although Patrick enjoys working in bio organic and black and grey realism, he is proficient in almost all styles of tattooing. He is always up for a challenge in any style and works hard to make every idea into a great tattoo.

Patrick Henderson Tattooing
Patrick Henderson Bio Organic Tattoo
Patrick Henderson Deer and Tractor Farm Tattoo
Patrick Henderson Bio Organic Eye Machine Tattoo
Patrick Henderson Black and Grey Realism Fox and Squirrel Tattoo